Senin, 15 April 2013

Most of the requests for information from CRA originate from accounts

If you have already filed your tax return and I was contacted by CRA to provide more information (even if you have posted your notice of assessment), the request is probably coming from an agent of the Police Division, CRA.

The Police Division at the CRA is the home of the CRA investigators, CRA/auxiliary collectors, preliminary evaluation accounts, accounts and more.

The key here is that these agents all work in the Division. The Police Division, CRA is responsible for collecting money. If you want to learn more, you probably are trying to show that they did some form of non-disclosure or have made a mistake on your tax returns.

What to do if you receive a request for information by anyone at the CRA?

Do not call the CRA. Not any complete documentation alone. Gather all the records and make an appointment to see an accountant. Have an accountant review your records and see if there are any errors in your return. If you know that they failed to declare income, this is the time to tell your accountant. If you say that your accountant so you can come up with a strategy to deal with the CRA.

Get your accountant to communicate directly with the CRA. A letter from an accounting firm shows that have kept the tax specialist to address the fiscal problem. This will show the CRA that you are taking their request seriously. Accountants are seasoned well to deal with the CRA, the CRA’S practices and procedures.

Finally, if you are going to be controlled, this can be terrifying. The accountant can schedule the audit at their Office and deal directly with the CRA auditor, supports itself through the process and protect your rights.

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